JUST 1 item's vision is to put an end to any child or adult not having enough food to eat


We live in the best Country in the world and have the power to make this problem go away with JUST 1 item.


There are more people in this country that can afford JUST 1 item versus those that cannot.  It is our hope you can help us with the greatest necessity of life, FOOD.


If EVERY shopper, EACH and EVERY WEEK bought JUST 1 item for the Food Bank and dropped it in the Donation Bin located at the front of the supermarket they shop at, we would put an end to hunger in this country.


If we bought JUST 1 item of their none perishable needs, than other food drives could concentrate on raising money to buy the FRESH items that these same people need.


Make JUST 1 item part of your weekly shopping, and look for a JUST 1 item display bin at your local food store with the needed item for your local food bank.  If it is not there, ask your store manager to contact us.


Please share JUST 1 item with all your friends, family and business associates.


We can make hunger go away.


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